Profile: Doug Kallmeyer

Doug Kallmeyer, a.k.a. Dubpixel, has spent most of his time on the road mixing bands including Blonde Redhead, School of Seven Bells, and most recently Phantogram. Add to that list more live work with some more notable artists; Shellac, Sunny Day Real Estate and Rancid.  Both locally and on the road, a career which has numbered live shows in the thousands, and is still growing.  His last release, 2005’s “Even Calls” (EM:T, 2005, 302acid) was a group foray into ambient textures which received rave reviews in publications like the UK’s WIRE magazine, and resulted in tours throughout the us and europe.

Fast forward to now, tea and discussion:

Q: Where did the moniker Dubpixel come from?

A: Around the most recent presidential election,  I had been asked if some of the music I had been working on at the time could  be used for independent film. I started working with other artists and making dub mixes for video… dub for pixels.

I have been working with audio and video in live performance for quite a few years now, and the concept has been developing in leaps and bounds with the technology that’s available. Video can be cut up and manipulated as fast as audio….for me, It is becoming integral to live performance.

Q: With a touring schedule, how do you find time to make music?

A: It takes me a very long time to get things done, since my creative focus is largely spent on supporting other artists. I haven’t consciously tried to work on anything specific since the last release. A lot of small projects come up in between, I get in touch with whoever is around and collaborate when there is a moment, or via download from the road. My two main outlets for ensemble work are  Sesshin No-Fi and psych rock group The Mantis… both are largely improv based situations.  When I got home this past december, I realized it had been 6 years since my last record. I started to dig through my solo work, and as it turns out i have a rather large cache of music that is ready to be completed and gigged.

Although it spans years, it is oddly coherent.

That’s my focus for now, and I want to start releasing vinyl.

Q: Why vinyl?

A: It is a tangible art form, with a process involved for listening. It is a commitment of time and energy. The medium, for me, represents far more than background noise for an overly multitasked life.

Q: How did this Bluebrain remix come about?

A: My close friend and collaborator No-Fi threw the idea at me one night. We had a listen, and took it to task:

Dubpixel and No-Fi vs. Bluebrain:

Dubpixel and Monica Stroik (stare in center to see the image, report what you see):

Dubpixel  and  Robin Bell

Dubpixel: (in)finite loop:


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