Profile: DJ No-Fi

DJ No-Fi
“Dub Style”
Scratching, Mixing, Samples, FX

(No-Fi Sound System, Sesshin No-Fi, Dubpixels)

No-Fi Sound System is the mixtape outlet for DJ No-Fi.  Using strictly vinyl and an ever expanding home studio filled with different mixers, effects and noise makers DJ No-Fi mixes different genres into a cacophony of sound.  The Found Sound series focuses on records culled from thrift stores and record stores around the country, a series where any genre is permitted and an effort is made to highlight lesser known tracks.  The Dub Connection mixtapes are dubwise selections perfect for your meditation.  DJ No-Fi can currently be found performing with the DC reggae-dub group Michelle Webb’s King Kong every other Monday at Blackbyrd on U Street at 8pm.

<a href=”″>Found Sound Volume 1 by DJ No-Fi</a>






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